Healthcare Litigation

Our healthcare litigation practice provides litigation and trial services to public entity owned and operated hospitals and clinics, as well as private health care providers includingphysicians, nurses, other healthcare professionals, hospitals, pharmacies, long-term care facilities, ancillary service providers, medical suppliers, home health agencies,laboratories, and medical groups.

Our team has a depth of experience and understanding of the legal issues facing those operating in the health care industry. With solid litigation skills, backed by experience representing various health care entities across many spectrums, we strive to achieve favorable results for our clients.

Our areas of practice include employment and contractual disputes, workplace misconduct,discrimination claims, patients' rights issues, medical malpractice defense, ADA access,elder abuse and neglect litigation, staff privileges and credentialing, benefits and compensation litigation, fraud and abuse litigation, reimbursement and non-payment claims, unfair competition claims, and hiring and firing litigation, non-compete covenants, and regulatory non-compliance matters.